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Sofa covers

Changing the colour of your sofa covers can be a quick and low-cost way of re-vamping your furniture, and will update the look of the entire room, as certain colours tend to go in or out of vogue. Sofa covers generally dye extremely successfully, however please bear in mind the following important information:

Check the fibre content of the fabric. Nylon produces consistently good results. Natural fibres such as cotton, silk, or linen usually dye very successfully however there is the possibility they may shrink slightly. Wool fibres often have a high level of shrinkage. Fabrics with a high polyester content do not accept dyes successfully. If the fabric is mixed cotton and polyester, there may be differences in shade between the cotton and polyester fibres, If you are unsure of the fibre content check for mixed colour fibres or those that are hairy or shiny as may indicate that the fabric is unsuitable.

Check for tears or frays in the fabric or any raw edges as these can fray during the dying process. Please ensure any repairs to raw edges are made. Do not treat with fabric conditioners before sending the fabric to us.

Check fastenings are secure as loose buttons or press-studs can come off during processing. Zips should be in good condition as poor quality zips may become stuck or lose their puller. Polyester or acetate zips may dye a slightly lighter or darker colour than the surrounding fabric. Ornamental items such as sequins, beads, dimantes or tassels may come off or be damaged during the dyeing process.

If in any doubt about the suitability of the fabric, it is advisable to send a test piece before proceeding.

Unsuitable fabrics which have been sent without prior agreement will have to be collected or returned at your expense.

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